SCAN4Matrix©: Digital Plate Identification

Use the well-established FlexoMatrix© code technology for your leap in flexo-automation.


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Mobile plate scanner for the digital plate management of you archive.

With the new handheld SCAN4Matrix© you can scan and identify flexo- and offset-plates any place, any time. Immediately plate-specific information will be displayed. Printers and prepress staff no longer have to laboriously decipher plain text on the plates. Employees now finally have a tool for the digital management of their plates and the logical upgrade to their existing plate management.

“Working in the plate archive becomes easier, faster and safer.”

The printing forms can be easily stored and retrieved via the touch display. Based on the well-known FlexoMatrix© code-system from LEHNER, SCAN4Matrix© is the only hand-held scanner enabling reliable identification of flexo and offset printing plates. An important tool to digitalize your workflow.

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Identify printing forms within seconds.

SCAN4Matrix© - Plate Management By Touch: The optional connection of SCAN4Matrix© to your existing order management system allows you to expand your digital plate management. The operator can decide what to do with the identified plate: store, retrieve or discard the plate. You can even identify a plate that is mounted on a cylinder in the printing line!

Use the display to decide and record whether a printing form is to be stored or retrieved. Work safely with the right plates. Document maximum production reliability. Fast and efficient.

Start the step-by-step digitization of your production processes now.

No more tedious deciphering of plain text. No more manual data entry to organize your record archive. SCAN4Matrix© enables you to use your databases for the digital administration of your plate archive.

Support your employees in their daily work. Prevent dangerous plate mixing. Make sure the right plates always end up in the pressroom. Track the whereabouts of your printing forms without gaps. Expand your existing job management with digital plate management.

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