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LEHNER GmbH has grown continuously over the years with the development and production of innovative system solutions. Our more than 32 years of experience as a B2B partner for numerous world market leaders, e.g. HEIDELBERG; KBA; BOBST, MPS; DAETWYLER, W&H, REIFENHÄUSER are the reason for the great success of our system solutions with plant manufacturers and printers - worldwide.

LEHNER products are innovative, customer-specific and differ significantly from standard solutions on the market. Our customers benefit from real USPs, smart automation and an impressive ROI of often <12 months.

Our sales partners:

Spain / Portugal

OMC sae

Barcelona office C / Paris 209, 5-1 08008 Barcelona Tel: 93 320 59 60 Fax: 93 320 59 61

Madrid office C / Carpinteros, 17 PI Prado del Espino 28660 Boadilla del Monte (Madrid) Tel: 91 632 29 76 Fax: 91 632 02 73

South Korea

P.M. Trading Co.Korea

Office: Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do: 115, Munbal-ro; Rep: Charly Han; Email:

Make companies fit for the future

We believe that the economic success of our customers is determined by intelligent work processes. This includes the expansion of automation and the coupling of processes and existing sub-work steps. LEHNER is developing new sensor technology for reliable, comprehensive acquisition of measured values, the necessary evaluation algorithms and flexible data interfaces for direct connection to existing data management systems.

Building on the existing equipment, we go step by step with our customers along the path to digitization and thus make the company fit for the future.

We are happy with our customers about the successes achieved. In print shops, this often includes significant savings in waste and makeready time and the associated increase in profit! We are at least as happy about the savings in CO2, the higher energy efficiency and the responsible use of raw materials. It's an obligation.

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