Innovations under weightlessness

Experiments in space are the basis for countless patents and the inspiration for the development of entire product categories.

The unique possibilities that research in space offers range from the development of more efficient therapies and better vaccines, to the creation of stronger and more conductive materials, to the development of new plant varieties that are better adapted to extreme conditions. The space environment is also predestined for the accelerated market launch of a product.

Microbioreactor from LEHNER

The LEHNER microbioreactor is a laboratory prototype for carrying out biological experiments in space. The system is a model for automated test execution, including culture maintenance and differentiated test series. This makes experiments easier, more reproducible and more successful.

The development and production of a sensor system for automated cell cultivation and cell manipulation is demanding. Limited volume and limited mass, autonomous operation, special environmental conditions and strict safety requirements add to the complexity of carrying out the experiment. The LEHNER MirkoBioreactor shows the way and is a future-oriented technology platform.