Flexo plate mounter for more efficiency in the pressroom

Benefit from the high production reliability and rapid amortication of the FlexoMatrix© Flexo plate mounter system.

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Industrial production standard

The increasing number of short-term jobs, the increased use of unskilled employees and the demand for more product quality and safety require the expansion of automation. FlexoMatrix © is the comprehensive technical answer to this change.

Automation in narrow-web packaging printing is advancing and requires the close interlinking of the prepress Press. The FlexoMatrix ©  flexo plate assembly system enables the gradual expansion of automation in printing plants for an industrial production standard with more efficiency in the pressroom.

The technology platform offers the unique, controlled mounting process for the optimal plate registration position over the entire cylinder circumference. This means you always achieve an incomparable register presetting for repeated shortest job changes in the pressroom.

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“The quality of plate laying is beyond what we have ever seen before”

Paul Larkin | Technical director at Hamilton Adhesive Labels Ltd.

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Significantly less set-up time

At the same time, the system offers automatic plate identification with a data link to the existing job management system. This makes the progress of work preparation transparent, job changes in the pressroom become more economical and product safety is significantly increased. The dangerous mixing of printing forms is a thing of the past and the process transparency meets the requirements of industrial production standards.

Operator-independent register quality

Print shops around the world have been benefiting from the very fast amortization for many years, especially with the increasing number of short-run jobs. With FlexoMatrix ©, your customers gain a comprehensive system solution for the step-by-step expansion of their print workflow.

Increase of productivity

Precise mounting of the cliché on the printing cylinder is a challenge. If only register marks (e.g. register crosses) are used as mounting aids, the register quality of the circumferential register remains undefined. The overall register is of fundamental importance for makeready time, waste, quality and profitability of the overall job. Additional pressure to act arises from the increasing shortage of experienced and qualified prepress staff.

To optimize the overall economic success of your print job, LEHNER has developed FlexoMatrix ©. The system is characterized by its flexible data interface to the existing job management and the regulated winding - the basis for the register presetting also in the circumferential register.

Different cylinder types

FlexoMatrix© can be adapted to different cylinder types within seconds using cylinder adapters. This means that with just one FlexoMatrix© system, all presses / printing forme cylinders used in the pressroom can be loaded in a register-optimised manner. Another advantage: in addition to the enormous precision, the high degree of automation offers fast, reproducible printing forme assembly within approx. 60 seconds (depending on format). With FlexoMatrix© you establish additional flexibility and precision in prepress for more efficiency in the pressroom.

"There is nothing better on the market!"

Tobias Könders, the managing director of the company TOKO labeling and printing systems GmbH & Co. KG from Erbach relies on the Platemounter FlexoMatrix© from LEHNER for label printing.

In this video he gives detailed information about why he decided on the FlexoMatrix© from LEHNER and what his experiences have been so far.


NEW: tesa is a partner of FlexoMatrix© automation

With tesa, LEHNER has gained another automation partner for flexographic printing. Without additional operator effort, FlexoMatrix recognises and logs the use of the correct sleeves. This production data can additionally be used in your higher-level tool management.


Data connection

The workflow concept based on FlexoMatrix © uses your existing data infrastructure. With the connection of FlexoMatrix © to your work preparation, the job-relevant data (for example format, cylinder type, offset ...) can be transferred directly to FlexoMatrix © . The repeated manual entry of this job information into the mounter is saved, operating errors are minimized.

Through the described connection FlexoMatrix ©  is also able to automatically identify each individual printing form. This enables the job assignment of the printing form to be checked with the help of your job database.

You gain an important process transparency about the job progress and an important product safety, as the risk of mixing up the printing forms of different jobs is minimized.

The advantages at a glance

  • Operator-independent precision of plate mounting
  • automated format presetting
  • automated cliché identification
  • automated cliché positioning
  • Controlled plate assembly for register-optimized plate assembly over the entire circumferential register
  • Interface for direct data connection to the existing job management
  • can be used for all types of printing machines, cylinders, tubes and sleeves
  • Increased efficiency in the pressroom
  • Return on investment approx. 12 months
  • Live support via remote maintenance

Regulated winding

Another special feature of FlexoMatrix © is the actively controlled mounting process. This innovation ensures that your clichés are not only installed in the circumferential register during the mounting process, but also over the entire printing length with optimized registration. The patented control process is completely automated and extremely precise. You benefit not only from the operator-independent precision, but also from the consistent assembly quality.

The simple data connection to your job management in combination with its strong automation make FlexoMatrix © the technology platform for your flexo printing 4.0. With FlexoMatrix © you are idealy equipped to expand your success.

FlexoMatrix "world-wide"

Currently, our FlexoMatrix© technology platform is used in 22 countries.