Wearable for support with mental illness

As an ISO / ATEX certified company, LEHNER takes on the complex task of system development and production in the MITASSIST project. LEHNER is therefore jointly responsible for the overall success of the project and its further continuation in differentiated applications.

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So far, there has been no effective support for the treatment of mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety disorders. In everyday life, the patient is often left alone with his or her ailments. Here, the interactive, body-hugging medical technology of the Mitassist system closes the gap between amulant and inpatient care

With the Mitassist system it is possible for the therapist to analyze the patient's condition through monitoring, to exclude pharmacological side effects and to give psychotherapeutic feedback. This ensures better care for the patient, even outside of the inpatient stay. & Nbsp;

The Mitassist system continuously measures and evaluates data such as movement patterns, action radius, sleep profile and stress and metabolic parameters.

The device is carried comfortably on the patient's forearm. An integrated feedback system makes it possible to send information about changes in behaviour, which are defined in advance together with the patient. If the patient is inactivity due to depression or in stress, the patient receives feedback on therapeutic behaviour changes via the Mitassist system, which can help him to relax the situation again.

Mitassist supports the diagnostics based on the collected data and facilitates the therapist's therapy decisions, which are then transmitted to the patient. & nbsp;


LEHNER competencies in the MITASSIST project

  • Project planning
  • Mechanical construction
  • Electronic Developments (hardware / software)
  • Prototype construction - e.g. Rapid prototyping
  • Series production - e.g. Injection molding
  • Data mining - LEM (low energy management)
  • Wireless data transmission of sensor signals
  • Cross-system integration of hardware & amp; Software
  • Industry 4.0